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Allergy Statement

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.
(Notice required as of 10-1-10 by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health)

Nut Free
Because of the nature of our business we can NOT guarantee anything we make to be Nut Free! Anything we package, in the store, may have come in contact with nuts.
In the case of Nut allergies, Cross Contamination is a serious concern!

Vermont Nut Free items, Divvies Nut Free items are GUARANTEED to be Nut Free.

The following Gluten Free and Milk and Lactose Free statements include mention of Cross Contamination. Due to the nature of these allergies, Cross Contamination must be dealt with on an individual basis.

Gluten Free
The Chatham Candy Manor has products that contain gluten in the store, therefore there is always the possibility that there may be a cross contamination issue.
The following items ARE Gluten Free:
All our solid Chocolate (milk, dark and white)
Our hand dipped Chocolates are Gluten Free EXCEPT for the following:

Chocolates that are NOT Gluten free include: Oreos, Pretzels, Ritzies, Jordan Crackers, Cookie Caramels, Cookie Chip Chocolates, Caramel Pretzel Rods, Rice Crispy Turtles and Rice Crispy Treats, Granola Bars, Glace’ Fruit, and Truffles (the liquor MAY contain Gluten),
Craisins may have an additive, that prevents sticking, that contains gluten.

Our Fudge (with the obvious exception of Oreo) is Gluten Free.
Our Taffy and Jelly Beans and Gummi Bears are Gluten Free.

Manufactured Candy that is NOT Gluten Free includes cowtails, all licorice, caramel creams, and crispy sportsballs and seasonal crispy foil. (We can check any item with our supplier upon request.)

Dairy and Lactose Free
Our Dark Chocolate (Breda and Yucatan truffle centers) contain both cocoa butter and milk fat. Our 70% Yucatan contains cocoa butter and it MAY contain milk, which is a part of the manufacturing process (machinery MAY have carried other chocolate that contains milk fat). Our Madeline 72% bars are Milk and Lactose Free but cross contamination may be an issue.

Cocoa Butter is NOT dairy and has NO lactose!

Our solid Milk, Dark and White Chocolate are KOSHER!

We do use latex gloves in the production of our candy.
Please contact us if you need any additional product information.